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Nice game

Ads and all balances

Won’t progress beyond level 131

I’ve played and beat level 131 now about 6 times and each time I stop playing and go back in, I’m back at 131. It shows that I mastered it with 3 stars and yet, to move forward, I have to play again. I’ve played to level 134 and quit only to come back to 131. Very irritating.


perfect game for passing time on shifts 😜

An ad for every single level.... trash

It’s a basic break blocks game that REQUIRES YOU TO WATCH AN AD FOR SOME CRAPPY GAME BETWEEN EVERY SINGLE LEVEL. Literally unplayable.

Needs improvement

A fun app overall, but lots of adds. Also, one time I was close to my high score, but I closed the app to text someone back and when I reopened this app it had restarted and lost it. Not cool.

This game

Great game guys keep up the good work.

Takes your money

Beware if you do a in app purchase it will charge you more . Example you buy a $2.99 they will charge you $14.17 for the purchase .

I play it too much’s very fun

Don’t waste your time

It’s an ok game for a little while. Eventually the ads seem to take more time than game play. You can pay to remove them, of course. Eventually, the puzzles are impossible, which you can fix by, of course, paying more for a subscription or buying packs of power ups for what seem like outrageous sums of money. In my opinion the free version was worth it for about 30 minutes and then it loses its charm.

Game is fun. Ads are not.

Fun game, but I’m giving up after have to sit through 5 30 second ads after 5 straight levels. I gets ads and devs making money when the game itself is free, but the ads just ruin it. And sorry, there are too many other gaming options out there to sit through it or pay to remove them, so on to the next one. Pick it up and play it, but be ready to watch ads every time you do something (beat a level, switch menus, etc...)

Money grab

It would be fun if 1) you earned points 2) didn’t have to sit through commercials every game 3) could get past levels without spending money. I am not giving you a dime. I have been bombarded with too many ads, you are still getting paid. Work on some sort of reward system for ads or 3 stars

Not bad at all

Almost as fun as angrybirds

Great concept; too many ads/glitches

Really enjoyed playing the game but there were just too many ads and glitches. Pretty sure it’s the reason I had to reset my phone to factory settings. I also hit the “no ads” button and payed $2.99 only to still have ads between games. Wish it were better... and that I got my money back. But I’m deleting.

Love the game but app is buggy

I even bought it. But app keeps hanging, gets unresponsive, UI is not updating, keeping traces of previous pics on it. Find better software engineers!

Wouldn’t even load...

I downloaded this on my iPhone Xs running iOS 12. The app would open but the game would never let me play. I kept getting a “cannot connect to server. Check internet connection” pop up. I gave up and I’m uninstallling.

Error Pop Up

Can’t even get the game to open. Keeps saying to check my internet connection, that currently works because I literally just downloaded the game.


Downloaded and didn’t even work. Can’t “connect to server”. Even uninstalled and reset

Doesn’t work

The game doesn’t work. Downloaded it and it doesn’t even load.

Paid for no ads

Paid to play without ads but still getting bombarded by them.


Just bought the .99 package and it never gave me the extras... very disappointing!!

Not able to play keeps saying unable to connect.

Unable to connect.

Can’t even get in

I know I have service yet this app won’t let me in due to “lack of connection” doesn’t make any sense.

Doesn’t work?

Says can’t connect to server. Tried without WiFi, with WiFi ... nothing works.

Severely Disappointed

I had downloaded this game a while ago and instantly became addicted. The adds were bothersome but I ponied up and paid the additional amount to not be bugged. It was awesome. I spent money on the game to upgrade the balls, get additional items, continue the level after failing and just for the gems. I played fairly religiously and then I got a new phone. Now there isn’t a way to sign into the game so when I got my new phone I also got a new user number. Which means I lost ALL of my items and spent money...I’ve emailed the developer 2 times now and haven’t heard anything back so essentially I’ve now wasted money on a game because I don’t have my purchases. This is a MAJOR flaw in the game. I loved playing it but I’m done spending money on a game when the developers are not willing to assist and make the situation right. Uninstalling the game and going to find another like it on the App Store to spend my money there. Maybe they will be more helpful than Cheetah Mobile.

Need fixing

Ok game. Adds every minute. Bought the add blocker for $3. Didn’t work. Deleted the app and reinstalled it now says server down can’t connect to internet

They stole from me

Spent money on this app and they just completely took the money, fun game to play but never spend any money on it trust me

Looks Fun, Didn’t get to play it🙁

Just downloaded and tried to play and it kept saying retry! Would’ve loved to play but sadly 1 star😔

Doesn’t Work

Would love to play the game but I downloaded it and it keeps telling me to check my connection even though my connection is clearly working....


Game doesn’t even work

No tutorials, no app support.

Break open your wallet, because many of these levels are impassable and you’ll need rubies to advance. Oh, and the kicker? As soon as you purchase anything, the game will freeze with no way to return to the stage you were working on. If you’ve already spent rubies to continue that stage, well... tough luck. You’ll be awarded the purchase after you shut the game down and restart it. By then, of course, it’s too late. The Golden Aim is a total rip-off. It doesn’t point far enough on the board to justify the $5 being spent. App support is nil. Go to their website, “Contact Us” redirects to their data/AI info. Alllllll the way at the bottom are support email addresses. Any game questions you might have to email them about, you’ll have to contact Piano Tiles 2’s support and pray for help.


Never even got to play. The game kept saying I needed to connect to internet (which I was) and it wouldn’t let me proceed to anything else.

Doesn’t work

Downloaded the game. Kept trying to connect to server but it never connected. What’s the point if the game doesn’t work!

Can’t connect

Downloaded, opened game. Can’t connect. Get off WiFi, can’t connect. Okay then.

Wouldn’t work from the start

I have an iPhone X. I have unlimited internet. I downloaded the game multiple times to a message saying unable to connect to server. Try again later. I connected to WiFi and same message. Not worth my time to try again later. Maybe get it to work the first time.


After downloading 2 times I still was unable to play game.. only thing that pops up is check internet access

Broken app

Read above

Should be called Ads and Ads

Don’t download this. You will become so frustrated with how many ads you have to sit through just to play this game. And the idea that they want you to pay $8 PER WEEK for a subscription is so laughable I can’t even believe they think that’s a good idea. There are far better games out there, HARD PASS.

Cut and clever ...

...but goes nowhere. Yawn...and loads of adds... meh.


The game is manipulated so that when you get to a certain level it’s nearly impossible to finish a level unless you purchase upgrades.

This game is so easy

Download now for free


This game is crazy addicting

Fun, but beware for kids...

I like the game. We take turns as a family and have fun with the challenges. The rating of 4+ is deceiving, however with the ads. There are several that make me as an adult uncomfortable - sniper that shoots a bullet into the head of a hostage taker!!!- that I certainly don’t want my son exposed to!!!

Ridiculously Addictive.

Absolutely love the game like no other.


If you want to enjoy the game you have to pay weekly. Developers are getting greedy these days.

Game game and addictive

I’ve really enjoyed this game but I have to be careful and not get caught by the boss


Love the game however would like to get back my purchases

Great game. Tooooo many ads

I like the game. But the sw has to many ads.


Fun enough to pass the time and engaging enough to keep my attention... and I hate distractions!

Great game of skill

Much more challenging than you would think.

Good game

....nags you got ratings tho, which is the ONLY reason I posted one.

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