Bricks n Balls App Reviews

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Love it

Love it

Cool game!


Fun game but so many ads!!

The game itself is fun. I love the whole concept and it’s really addicting but the amount of ads they put out are ridiculous. I ended up deleting the app itself due to the constant ads being placed in front of me.

Good game but bad explaining

This is a very fun cool and relaxing game but it is confusing it does not explain the the game well.

Good game can be improved

Good game can be improved

If you like ads look no further

If you prefer to spend more time watching ads than playing the game. Download this. Hopefully you find an ad you like cuz it will repeat between each round 20 times in a row. The game is fun but not sure its worth the wait between each round

Bring your battery charger

This game can be really fun but it completely kills your battery very quick. Not to mention the ads. At first they are spread out decently where you can enjoy the game then they increase and get longer. The most aggressive ad scheme I’ve seen. I ended up installing it. When you are actually playing, it’s fun.

Good game, but..

Once you get to level 94, you have to purchase to get past it, or extremely lucky. I tried at least 50 times and can’t get past it. Time to uninstall.

Pew pew

This game is pretty addictive and satisfying.

Ads & Balls

Lots of fun to play but not worth the ads that are wayyy too frequent with multiples between plays and wayyyyyyyy too long.

Fun but to addy

It is fun game but to many ads in between games!!


Hits you with a ad before you even start your first game. Can’t listen to a background app like podcasts or music, but the game itself doesn’t seem to have any sound.


Waayy too many ads i know you have to make money but dang that’s excessive. Especially if its the same ad multiple times for 30 minutes everytime

Addictive Fun

Geometry used in bank shots like in the game of billards. Ads? Yes. Bothersome? No. So very easy to ignore just hit the advance button sooner.

Good concept, poor execution

As others have said, the game itself is very fun, but the user experience could be much better. There are way too many ads, there aren’t any clear rules or explanations for the game overall, and many of the menu options appear not to work. I think with more time and cleaning up, this could be a great game. As it stands, couldn’t make it past the 20s.

Inappropriate Ads

I actually really like this game, but have had to remove it from my phone (bc my kids use it) and from their iPods/iPad. The adds are often about hooking up with regional/country specific women & male & female contraception. My son is 6 & my daughter 9. who thought these were appropriate for 4+?

Ads kill an otherwise great game

Installed this morning and deleted tonight. The game play is fun and addictive. The over-saturation of ads make it unplayable and a waste of bandwidth, and performance resources. It got laggy and unplayable. Too bad it hooked me and I hade 8+ hours of gameplay in a single day.

From Fun to Frustrating

Many have already said it. It only take a couple hours total before you sense the frustration coming. You have free bonuses but NO idea what they are for so you have to waste them to figure it out. Then once they are wasted on ignorance you have to pay for more. Really simple and easy at first then gets super difficult. I did t want to strategize just wanted to throw a ball of the wall and watch it bounce.

Good game, sick of FF ads

Really enjoyed playing but I’m done seeing a Final Fantasy every 10 seconds.

Sooo good

Very good!


This app is BS . So many ads, it lags, freezes, random things pop up during the game. I lost the one round tried to click the x and somehow ended up paying for ad free . Don’t download it’s a scam . I never had any game allow for the iTunes purchase option come up so many times

Ok but Ofcourse hate ads

But nice

Remove ads

What good is it to pay to remove ads? Now I get them wanting me to sign up for Diamond membership each time. When I say no, it means stop pestering me

Awesome game hate the constant ads

Awesome game but the constant ads EVERY time in between games. Totally unacceptable. Especially when the ads cut out the sound when the game comes back on. And the ads are way too long. Bad bad bad. Developers....fix this.

Don’t waste your time

Cool concept for a game but the consistent ads are so annoying that you end up being so frustrated you stop playing. Installed one day, deleted it 10 minutes later.

Not terrible, but it needs tweaking.

On its surface, this is a fun little game that I could see myself losing hours just getting absorbed into this. But in actuality, I only play it for small bursts. Why? The ads. I understand they need to make money, and the ads pay for it, but when you get one for whatever you do, some of them being 30 seconds long and unskippable, it's annoying fast. Failed a board? See an ad. Go to the home menu? See an ad. This alone would be annoying, but add in broken mechanics, and it reaches a whole new level. I didn't hit a major wall until around level 120, at which point, you find yourself needing about 500 gems just to clear the board. (Too many low blocks with high values, and nothing to ricochet the balls off of.) Add to this, the boards themselves are very stingy at giving credit toward the 50 (or 100) gem thresholds. 100-Ball seems to be the best place to grow the bar (since it has a fast ad delivery system), but more often than not, if I hit replay, the ball starts out-of-bounds, meaning you hit no blocks, no points, but you will get another ad. There is no reason to start the ball there- this is clearly a design flaw. If it weren't for the flaws, I'd consider buying the no-ad add-on, but as things are now, I can't in good conscious recommend paying any money toward this.


Fun to watch. Fun to strategize the quickest way through the levels. It never ends up quite like you think because it goes SO FAST!


I’m a billiard player and this satisfies till I get back on the table. Fun....

So far so good

Don’t believe I’ve figured it out yet, but I keep on trying to get all the blocks gone in first try. Interesting action.



Great game ruined by ads

I know it's free but the ads are inexcusable. Worse than any free app I've ever used in how frequent and long the ads are. Don't download unless you're willing to sit through 30 second unskippable ads after ten or fifteen seconds of gameplay.

Great so far!

Love it!


This game is the better version of Ballz. Way more game options and more fun to play! It has power ups and a gravity option which both make the game move along faster. You can play a classic mode or try to beat levels or play with 100 balls it’s AWESOME!! I recommend to everyone, I’ve gotten my friends obsessed with it too!

Great game.

The only downside? Not nearly enough ads. During the actual game play when the balls are bouncing, the game should pause 3 or 4 times to play more ads. Other than that it was fun.

Love it but ....

I love this game but I like to be able to listen to music or audiobook while playing. If I could do that I would give this game 5 stars.

Good game - hijacks audio

Game hijacks audio. Would be way better if I could listen to my own tunes while playing

almost perfect, but...

this is the most fun, mindless, satisfying game to play when you’re watching tv or just need something mindless to do with your hands. i would have given it 5 stars if you fixed the music/sound issue. i can’t listen to music or podcasts or anything else while this game is open because it shuts all other multimedia off. please fix this!

Doesn’t go to sleep!! Kills battery!!

App is fun but drains battery a lot!!!


It's great

It has potential to be great

The game itself is fun but the amount of times I have watched an ad and not received the gems is infuriating. The game also crashes a lot. I was close to beating a level I have been trying to complete for multiple days and the game just kicked me out. Worst part is I used the special abilities that I paid money for! $3 down the drain

Good game

Keeps me busy at work

Love at first sight!

What an absorbing, tactical game with lots of experimenting! Really enjoying it!



Poor instruction

Don’t bother!

Sound issues

I prefer to listen to my Audible books while playing games. Your game does not allow me to do this. Even if I mute your game it stops my book is there something that you can change in the code so that I can enjoy both?

Full of porn ads

The game is fine in and of itself, but after every round there is is an ad for live cam shows with young girls.



Love the Game!!

Lots of Flashing Lights!!

Ads ads and more ads

The game itself is fun and I realize there needs to be revenue however I will never spend money on a game that bombards you with ads like this one does. Win a level? Here watch and ad. Lose a try? Here watch an ad. Want to quit this level and go to the main menu? Here watch an ad. So fed up with all of these games that are more ad watching than playing.


i wish it would let me play my apple music while playing the game. it will allow me to sometimes but others not so much.

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